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Volume 3 - 2020 Issue 4


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1 Homoeopathic Medicine Pancreatinum 3x As An Adjuvant In Managing The Cases of Diabetes Mellitous.

Author: 1Dr. Shahinda Quadri, 2Dr. Abdul Wahid, 3Dr. Pushpa Sharma
2 Histopathological Spectrum of Lower GI Tract Endoscopic Biopsies

Author: 1Aashit Yadav, 2Sheena Sethi, 3Sarguna Singh, 4Sahil Attri, 5Sumita Malik
3 Inguinal hernia in a female or something much interesting

Author: 1Dr. Madhubala, K., 1Dr. Anjana Vasudevan, 1Dr. R. Ponniah Iyyappan, 1Dr. C. Kaliyappa, 1Dr. V. Rajasenthil, 1Dr. T.R. Karthikeyan, 2Dr. Leena Joseph, 2Dr. Pavithra
4 Recurrent Pelvic Abscess - Is It A Cause of Concern

Author: 1T. Vijithra, 2G. Swetha Gulabi
5 Histopathological Correlation with Intraoperative Frozen Section Diagnoses- A Three-Year Study at A Tertiary Care Centre

Author: 1Dr. Mahajan Meera S., 2Dr. Borde Neha D, 3Dr. Bhale Chandrashekhar P.
6 A Study of Prisoners in a Tertiary Psychiatric Institute

Author: 1Dr. V. Sabitha, 2Dr. S. Bevin, 3Dr. Ramya, 4Dr. Periyar Rani
7 Physical fitness in newly diagnosed type-2 Diabetics – A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Mamta Vinay Rode
8 Gender Determination by Jug Handle View Radiographs - A Forensic Study

Author: 1Dr. Vikash Ranjan, 2Dr. Somavarapu Satish Kumar, 3Dr. Soumendu Bikash Maiti
9 Role of pre-induction cervical length measured by transvaginal ultrasonogram in predicting vaginal delivery

Author: 1Dr. Josephine Rosy, 2Dr. Prabha Ganapathy
10 Current Approaches to Immunotherapy in Non-colorectal Gastrointestinal Malignancies

Author: Dr Sharjeel Khan Samejo, Dr Sarang Khan, Dr Usama Sardar,
11 Obesity and Kidney Disease

Author: 1Dr Mujtaba Ali Hasnain,2Dr Muhammad Fahad Ali,3Dr Abdul Rehman
12 Airway management in a retrosternal goitre with tracheal narrowing – a case report

Author: 1Dr. Chaitra Bheemasundaram, 2Dr. Gururaj Thantry, 3Dr. Suhas M K, 4Dr. Deepalakshmi
13 Evaluating Correlation of Glycosylated Hemoglobin and Vitamin D Levels in Diabetic patients: A cross-sectional study from a tertiary care hospital in Delhi

Author: 1Dr. Adwaita Gahlot, 2Dr. Sufian Zaheer, 3Dr. Mayank Kapur
14 Frequency of Hyponatremia in Children Presenting With Pneumonia

Author: 1Dr. Shahida Nazir, 2Dr. Zohaib Haider, 3Dr. Liaqat Ali, 4Sumaira haamid, 5Dr. Mimpal Singh, 6Dr. Aneela Anjum
15 Study of Microorganisms Isolated From Clinical Samples of ICU Patients.

Author: 1Ms. Pallavi Ugemuge, 2Dr. Silpi Basak
16 Comparison of tramadol with lignocaine as local anaesthesia for surgical removal of mandibular third molar: a prospective randomised controlled clinical trial

Author: 1Dr. Darshal Kumar Panchal, 2Dr. Shailesh Menat, 3Dr. Rushit Patel, 4Dr. Nirav Patel, 5Dr. Jigar Patel, 6Dr. Urvish Patel,Dr. Archana Gorasiya
17 A brief review of complications of maxillary sinus augmentation – etiological factors and existing treatment options

Author: 1Dr. Mohsina Hussain, 2Dr. Madhumaitri Patra, 3Dr. Anik Sarkar, 1Dr. Debabrata Gayen, 2Dr. Subhajit Saha
18 MRI Compatibility of Dental Materials

Author: 1Dr Mahesh Gowda, 2Dr Shivani Sharma, 3Dr Nanda Kishore Sahoo
19 Comparative Study of Pre-Induction Cervical Length Measured By Transvaginal Ultrasonogram and Modified Bishop's Score in Predicting Vaginal Delivery

Author: 1Dr. Josephine Rosy
20 Assessment of fluoride in mothers milk and its relationship with food consumption habits, fluoride levels in Hamadan in 2016-2017

Author: 1Farzad Mojarrad, 2Shokufeh Nobahar,3Aliasghar Vahidinia, 4Leila Simaei

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