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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue 3


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1 Adverse reaction to amoxicillin: A case report

Author: 1Maj Anubhav Chakrabarty, 2Lt Col Sonali Sharma, 3Maj Sourabh Sharma, 4Maj Sumit Sharma, 5Maj S Gopi Pavan Sudhir
2 Rebuilding the decimated tooth with bundle glass fibre post - a novel treatment option- A case report

Author: 1Maj Sourabh Sharma, 2Lt Col Sonali Sharma, 3Maj Anubhav Chakrabarty, 4Maj Priyanka Malviya, 5Maj Sumit Sharma, 6Maj S Gopi Pavan Sudhir
3 Comparison of two different Extraction Techniques for Removal of maxillary 3rd Molar: Randomized prospective split mouth study

Author: 1Dr. Akshar T. Patel, 2Dr. Shailesh Menat, 3Dr.Rushit Patel, 4Dr. Anil Managutti
4 Damon system-the beauty of arch development

Author: 1Athul SB, 2Arun Kumar G, 3Ramesh. G. C, 4Ganesh Chinthan. C, 5Greeshma Kannan M, 6Sachin Bharadwaj
5 Anesthesia for emergency lower segment caesarian section in a patient with short stature

Author: 1Dr.Shradha Yogish Shetty, 2Dr.Gurudutt S Rao, 3Dr. Ranjana Karanth
6 Knowledge and practice of sterilization and disinfection protocols in fixed prosthodontic procedures among interns, general dental practitioners, post graduate students and specialists in districts of Coimbatore and Namakkal - A questionnaire based survey

Author: 1Dr. Sheela Kannan, 2Dr. Chalakuzhiyil Abraham Mathew, 3Dr. Maheshwaran Marappan, 4Dr. Praveene kumar, 5Dr. Sakthi Gnanavel, 6Dr. K. G. Gowtham Vignesh
7 Recent advances in dental management of children with special health care needs

Author: 1Dr. M. Sinthuja, 2Dr. Rena Ephraim, 3Dr. Sharath Chandrashekhar, 4Dr. Neha Thilak
8 Fetomaternal outcome of skin to skin contact of mother and baby

Author: 1Dr. Jitendra V. Shukla, 2Dr. Dhrumil Shah
9 Recently diagnosed diabetes mellitus type 2 and hypertensive patients and their correlation with cardiac dysfunction: A prospective study

Author: 1Dr. Rohit Kushwah, 2Dr. Jagjit Singh Namdhari, 3Dr. Archana Gupta
10 Study of fetomaternal outcome in case of short interpregnancy interval

Author: 1Dr. Ayushi Vamja, 2Dr. Mittal Joshi, 3Dr. Uday Patel, 4Dr. Kishor Chauhan
11 Diagnostic Biomarkers of Nephropathy in Diabetes Mellitus: A Review

Author: 1Dr Yadav KS, 2Dr Khot VV, 3Dr Toshniwal PA, 4Dr Kamble P S
12 Post transfusion serum iron parameters-Comparision of two intravenous iron preparations

Author: 1Nupur Hooja, 2Kishnaram, 3Pragya Sharma, 4Premlata Mital
13 Age and Gender evaluation for prevalence of second mesiobuccal root canal in maxillary first molars in Gujarat population– a cone beam computed tomographic analysis - An in vitro prospective study

Author: 1Dr Kiran Vachhani , 2Dr Garg Thakar , 3Dr Kamal Bagda, 4Dr Kailash Attur , 5Dr Manjusha Rawtiya , 6Dr Sarang Soni
14 Labour related risk factors for surgical site infection in caesarean section

Author: 1Nupur Hooja, 2Kavita Arya, 3Pragya Sharma, 4Premlata Mital
15 Effect of natural antioxidants on composite shear bond strength of bleached enamel – An in vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Kamal Bagda, 2Dr. Priya Sakaria, 3Dr Manjusha Rawtiya, 4Dr. Kailash Attur, 5Dr. Nikunj Patel, 6Dr. Riya Saini
16 A comparative evaluation and assessment of direct anterior composite restoration performed by dental students using different techniques- An in vivo prospective study

Author: 1Dr Kailash Attur, 2Dr. Riya Saini, 3Dr. Kamal Bagda, 4Dr Kiran Vachhani, 5Dr. Manjusha Rawtiya, 6Dr Priya Sakaria
17 Incidence of three rooted mandibular permanent first molars in north Gujarat population -A prospective study

Author: 1Dr. Kamal Bagda,2Dr. Dev Patel, 3Dr. Kailash Attur, 4Dr. Nikunj Patel, 5Dr Aastha Panchal, 6Dr. Garg Thakar
18 Extent and Impact of Needle Phobia among Dental College Patients- An In-Vivo Prospective Study

Author: 1Dr. Manjusha Rawtiya, 2Dr. Aastha Panchal, 3Dr. Kamal Bagda, 4Dr. Kiran Vachhani, 5Dr. Kailash Attur, 6Dr. Dev Patel
19 Comparative study of Intrathcal 1% 2 Chloroprocaine with intrathecal 1% 2 Chloroprocaine and fentanyl for infraumblical short surgical procedures under subarachoid block

Author: 1Sonam Srivas, 2Sonal Awasya, 3Tanya Dhurve, 4Urmila Keshari
20 Efficacy and Diagnostic Value of MRI in Assessment of Cervical Stroma Invasion in Cervical Cancer

Author: 1Dr. Sahar Raza, 2Dr. Anem Mehboob, 3Dr. Farkhanda Fakhar
21 Comparative evaluation of the dimensional accuracy of resultant casts made by monophase polyether and monophase vinylsiloxanether impression materials

Author: 1Dr. Kapil Soni, 1Dr. Kavita Raj, 2Dr. Bhavik Trivedi, 3Dr. Siddhant K. Taneja, 3Dr. Akanksha H. Keswani, 3Dr. Vyoma S. Sheth
22 Humoral response to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination after failure to develop adequate humoral immunity post natural exposure to the virus

Author: 1Shah S B, 2Chawla R, 3Bansal N, 4Mehta A, 5Prakash A, 6Rawal SK
23 Free Radicals, Oxidative stress and Antioxidant Therapeutics in Schizophrenia: An overview

Author: 1Dr. Santoshi Ram Ghodake, 2Mr. Roshan Kumar Sah
24 Patient satisfaction, maintenance & complication with bar-clip, ball and socket and magnet attachments in mandibular implant overdenture treatment: A systematic review

Author: 1Dr. Kushal Maheshkumar Patel, 2Dr. Vilas Valjibhai Patel, 3Dr. Sareen Subhash Duseja, 4Dr. Avani Dhaval Patel, 5Dr. Bhakti Arvindbhai Patel, 6Dr. Satish Ratilal Makwana
25 Impression Techniques for Distal Extension Cast Removable Dental Prostheses (DE CRDPs): A Systematic Review

Author: 1Dr Satish Makwana, 2Dr Vilas Patel,3Dr Sareen Duseja, 4Dr Avani Patel, 5Dr Birood Patel, 6Dr Foram Sutaria

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