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1 Comparative study on the outcome of negative pressure wound therapy and conventional saline dressing in chronic non-healing ulcers

Author: 1Dr. Sowmya V, 2Dr. M Shridhar, 3Dr. Ganesh B V, 4Dr. Ashwini C
2 Suture repair versus mesh repair of midline ventral hernias

Author: 1Dr. Ankur Bhimnathwala, 2Dr. Kalpesh Patel, 3Dr. Sushil Damor, 4Dr. Digant Patel, 5Dr. Jagrut Patel
3 Evaluation of lymph node ratio in breast carcinoma and its correlation with pathological and immunohistochemical prognostic markers

Author: 1Dr. Prachi Saxena, 2Dr Clement Wilfred D, 3Dr Vara Prasad, 4Dr Vijaya M Mysorekar
4 CRP enhanced bisap’s score for predicting organ failure in acute pancreatitis

Author: 1Dr. Ganesh B V, 2Dr. Sowmya V, 3Dr. Ashwini C, 4Dr. Supreeth MP
5 A Case Report on the Internal Fixation of a Complex Fracture of the Talus using a Dual-Incision Extensile Approach.

Author: 1Dr. Amit Pingat, 2Dr. Raunak Pareek, 3Dr. RaviKiran Reddy
6 High Tibial osteotomy (HTO) combined with osteochondral autograft transplantation (OATS) in a patient with osteochondral defects in medial femoral condyle - A rare case report.

Author: 1Dr. Jagadish Surannavar, 2Dr. Raunak Pareek, 3Dr. RaviKiran Reddy
7 Original research article: a comparative study of efficacy of simultaneous versus 6 weeks delayed sclerotherapy in patients undergoing endovenous laser therapy.

Author: 1Pooja Parte, 2Devbrata Adhikari, 3Pallavi Shambhu, 4Tauqir Khan
8 A prospective observational study of functional outcome of closed intraarticular fracture of distal end of radius in adults treated by open reduction and internal fixation by buttress plate.

Author: 1Dr Gangadhar Bhuti, 2Dr Raunak Pareek
9 A Rare Case Report: Triple PCL Sign - Simultaneous Bucket Handle Tear of Both Menisci with Chronic ACL Injury

Author: 1Dr Gangadhar Bhuti, 2Dr Ravikiran Reddy, 3Dr Raunak Pareek
10 Surgical Treatment of Complete Acromioclavicular Dislocation with Rotator Cuff Tear in An Adult: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr RB Uppin, 2Dr SK Saidapur, 3Dr Raunak Pareek
11 A Cytological and Histopathological Correlation of Urothelial Neoplasms with The Paris System

Author: 1Amit V Varma, 2Sanjana Ahuja, 3Ayushi Singh, 4Kamal Malukani, 5Bela Sharda, 6Parul Maheshwari
12 Puzzling Pelvic Pathology: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Author: 1Rema. V. Nair, 2Deeksha Pandey, 3Priyanka. N.V, 3Kavya Arja, 4Arif Khan, 5Lilarani Vijayaragahavan
13 Direct, Easy & Educational Sacro-Spinous Ligament Fixation: A feasibility Study

Author: 1Deeksha Pandey, 2Suvrati Bansal, 3Dheera Samdariya, 3Shripad Hebbar
14 Study of internal fixation of bimalleolar fractures

Author: 1Dr. N. Kranthi Kumar, 2Dr. B. Sindhura, 3Dr. K. Jyotsna Vibhari, 4Dr. K. Kiran, 5Dr. P. Keerthi, 6Dr. Kethavath Srinivas
15 Testing for polymer leaching from thermoplastic sheets used for clear aligners

Author: 1Jayti Shah, 2Nithyashri M., 3Sonali Mahadevia, 4Bhavya Trivedi
16 Clinico Demographic Profile of Typhoid Fever In Children In Teaching Institute.

Author: 1Dr. Ifra Rasool,2Dr. Anirudh Mahajan, 3Dr. Audil Mateen, 4Dr. Ariba Afeeh, 5Dr. Sharvil Dhar, 6Dr. Harsh Vardhan Sharma
17 Rotational stability of proximally unlocked retrograde femoral nail in damage control surgery – A biomechanical study.

Author: 1Rahil Muzaffar, 2Muadh Hamood Nasser Al Zeedi, 3Khurshid Alam, 4Ahmed Yaseen, 5Sultan Al Maskari

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