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Volume - 5 - 2022 Issue 1


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1 Evaluate the efficacy of NiTi rotary pedo file systems versus manual instrumentation to reduce bacterial count in primary molars- a randomised clinical trial

Author: 1Dr. Rupanjali Verma, 2Dr. Ritu Khanduja, 3Dr. Sonal Gupta, 4Dr. Kandha G. Kumari, 5Dr. Ashok Kumar G. Dhanvijay
2 Quantitative relation of Triglyceride/High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol correlated with Covid-19 Mortality: A Retroactive study in Bihar

Author: 1Dr. Mishan Manohar Jaiswal, 2Dr. Vinayam, 3Dr. Aditya Shree, 4Dr. R.Karthik.Raja, 5Dr. Neha Kumari
3 Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) In the Diagnosis of Salivary Gland Lesion

Author: 1Dr. Akriti Mahajan, 2Dr. Akram Ul Rashid
4 Intravitreal Ozurdex implant in paediatric patients with non-infectious intermediate or posterior uveitis

Author: 1Dr. Krupali Raol, 2Dr. Chintan Sarvaiya
5 A Study of Bleeding manifestations of Snake Bite in a rural population

Author: 1Dr. Sourav Chattopadhyay, 2Dr. Srikanth Shetty, 3Dr. Aniket Sinha, 4Dr. Abhinav Chaudhary, 5Dr. Sumit Singh Kaushal, 6Dr. Suman Kumar Singh
6 Covid vaccine cognizance survey - A cross sectional questionnaire study

Author: 1Dr. Neelam Kukreja, 2Dr. Manjunath Malur, 3Dr. Yogesh Sahu, 4Dr. Ankita Singh, 5Dr. Abhishek Pal, 6Ms. Simran Kukreja
7 A Study of Snake Bite in Rural Population

Author: 1Dr. Sourav Chattopadhyay, 2Dr. Srikanth Shetty, 3Dr. Aniket Sinha, 4Dr. Abhinav Chaudhary, 5Dr. Sumit Singh Kaushal, 6Dr. Suman Kumar Singh
8 COVID-19 in Children - A Case Series of severe and life-threatening SARS-Co V-2

Author: 1Dr. Surabhi H S, 2Dr. Adarsh E, 3Dr. Srinivas Mahesh Prasad, 4Dr. Rakshitha P
9 Correlation between complexities of Van-Wyk Grumbach Syndrome with prolonged hypothyroidism among pediatric age group: Reviewing the consequences and possible treatment

Author: 1Dr. Bishwajit Mishra, 2Dr. Bibhudatta Mishra, 3Dr. Arjit Mohapatra, 4Dr. Vidya Patwari, 5Dr. Manoj Dehury, 6Dr. Brutiranjan Rout, 7Dr. Pratap Behera
10 Risk assessment of stroke and effect of structured teaching programme on knowledge regarding stroke among diabetes mellitus patients

Author: 1Bibymol.T H
11 Prevalence of medication errors – A systematic review and meta-analysis

Author: 1Anusha N, 2Rosha Sandesh, 3Jefry Winner G, 4Merwin Paul R
12 The wandering Pencap amidst Covid Era

Author: 1Ashwin Rajkumar J, 2Madhu R, 3Prakash Agarwal
13 Comparison of different distraction techniques on pain perception in children during local anesthesia administration

Author: 1Dr. Ifzah, 2Dr. Nazia Lone
14 Investigating the Mandibular Incisive Canal and Its Relationship with Adjacent Landmarks in CBCT in Zahedan City

Author: Kamran Azad Bakht, Reyhaneh Hosseini, Soraya Bakhshani, Mohammad Doustkani, Ail Akbarpoursohbatabadi
15 Immunohistochemical analysis of round cell tumour in tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Reeta Kataruka, 2Dr. Purva More, 3Dr. Chandrashekhar Bhale
16 Mucormycosis in Covid -19

Author: 1Bhagyashri Katade, 2Aishwarya Mundlik, 3Ruchi Kasat, 4Nazish Baig
17 Immediate Loading Implants

Author: 1Aishwarya Mundlik, 2Bhagyashri Katade, 3Ruchi Kasat ,4Nazish Baig
18 Botulinum Toxin-A Treatment for Facial Esthetic

Author: 1Prof. Dr. Sonal Madan, 2Prof. Dr. Kiran Patel, 3Dr. Setu P. Shah, 4Dr. Bhargav Gupta, 5Dr. Shalin Shah, 6Dr. Aarti Mali
19 Expansion in Orthodontics: A Review

Author: 1Dr. Chakka C V N S Satyadev, 2Dr. Anjali Mahendrasinh Gohil, 3Dr. Ritu Jhankar, 4Dr. Milind Rajan, 5Dr. Sai Kiran Tomar, 6Dr. Sanmati S Varne
20 Low Level Laser Therapy: Boon to Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Charupriya Rajore, 2Dr. Furkan Ahmed Khan, 3Dr. Sruthi Lingasamy, 4Dr. C. Sreepradha, 5Dr. N Priyadarshee, 6Dr. Shivani Vaishnav
21 Role of enamel matrix derivative in periodontal regeneration and tissue engineering

Author: 1Dr. Navneet Kaur, 2Dr. Rishi Bhatia
22 Histopathological study of polypoid lesions of nasal cavity

Author: 1Dr. Anil A. Vare, 2Dr. Reena Vare, 3Dr. Farhan Khan
23 Small is the new big: A review on Nanomedicine in dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Saba Khan, 2Dr. Nishita Gautam, 3Dr. B.N Padmavathi, 4Dr. Tulika Sharma, 5Dr. Pooja Dhakad, 6Dr. Sreeparna Das
24 Effect of oral and intravenous hydration therapy on amniotic fluid index, maternal and perinatal outcome in borderline oligohydramnios

Author: 1Anjali Chaudhary, 2Umesh Varma, 3Sandeep Goel, 4Subhra Jaiswl, 5Aditya Varma
25 Fetal growth restriction - outcomes in a tertiary care centre

Author: 1Dr. Manoharan, 2Dr. PSNRS Sirisha, 3Dr. MG. Dhana Lakshmi
26 Analysis of Disturbances in Secondary Haemostasis in Patients with Tick Bite.

Author: 1Sadadiwala Mehul Hitesh, 2Alexandra Potapchik :Doi:
27 Junior doctors and medical students knowledge and attitude towards LGBTQ patients

Author: 1Dr. Keerthana Nayak, 2Dr. Poonam M, 3Dr. Krithishree SS
28 Students Attitudes and Social Distances towards people with Mental Illness

Author: 1Annapoorna R,2Poonam M,3Krithishree S S
29 ABO Blood Groups and susceptibility to Covid19 in African Population

Author: 1A Sall, 1BD Sanon, 2MB Diakhaby, 1A Drame, 1D Samb, 3L Fortes, 4M Seck, 4BF Faye, 4AO Toure, 4S Diop
30 Secondary caries detection by DIAGNOdent and visual examination: A comparative clinical study

Author: 1Bahman Seraj, 2Sara Ghadimi, 3Saeedeh Mokhtari, 4Mohamad Noori
31 Factors Affecting Treatment Seeking Behavior of Substance Use Disorder Patients during COVID-19 Pandemic

Author: 1Kounsar S Pandit, 2Abdul Majid, 3Ajaz A Suhaff, 4Bilal A Teli, 5Nizam-ud-Din
32 Dental Practitioners - Approach towards oral mucosal lesions in Gujarat, India – A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Milloni Palan, 5Dr. Palak H. Shah, 6Dr. Rashmi Venkatesh, 4Dr. Chandramani B. More, 5Dr. Deepa Jatti Patil
33 Evaluation of DMFT (Decay Missing Filling Teeth) index of permanent first molar in children 6 to 12 years old referred to pediatric dental offices in Khorramabad in 2021

Author: 1Dr. Fatemeh Zarouni, 2Dr. Mohamad Noori, 3Neda Moghaddam
34 Study of red cell distribution width in ischaemic stroke and its relation with severity of stroke

Author: 1Ujjawal Mittal, 2Ankit Anand, 3Sunil Kumar, 4Ankit Grover, 5Divyant Rawal, 6Sharat Johri
35 Digital Smile Design: A Literature Review

Author: 1Dr. Nupur Trivedi, 2Dr. Rishil Trivedi,3Dr. Vilas Patel, 4Dr. Sareen Duseja
36 Introduction and Acceptance of One Minute Preceptor (OMP) as a teaching tool for postgraduate resident doctors in department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at a tertiary health care centre, South Gujarat.

Author: 1Dr.Dhwani Desai
37 Comparative evaluation of Radicular Dentin Microhardness with CHX, 17% EDTA, 5% Sodium hypochlorite and Twin kleen complemented with Passive Ultrasonic activation: An In-vitro stud

Author: 1Dr. Neelam Kukreja, 2Dr. Manjunath Malur, 3Dr. Yogesh Sahu, Professor, Dr. Ankita Singh, Dr. Praveen Mishra, Dr. Kalyan Lad
38 Oral Submucous Fibrosis: A Review

Author: 1Dr. N Surya Vamshi, 2Dr. MB Vinay Kumar, 3Dr. Revathi Rajeshwarkar, 4Dr. Ch. Aparanjitha, 5Dr. Tanya Jain, 6Dr. Vijaya Awasthi
39 Pediatric Endodontics: An Overview

Author: 1Dr. Anusuya Mishra, 2Dr. Bikkina Akhila, 3Dr. Gunna Madhuri, 4Dr. Milind Rajan, 5Dr. Sangeetha Badni, 6Dr. Shoaib Khan
40 Prospective study on Comparison of Laparoscopic appendectomy versus Open Appendectomy

Author: 1Dr. Abhinaya L. E ., 2Prof Dr. A. Anvar Ali M.S., 3Dr. Prema M.S., 3Dr. Jayaraman. M. S.
41 A study on association between inguinal hernia and benign prostatic hyperplasia

Author: 1Dr C. Jina Priya, 2Dr R. Ramesh, 3Dr. R. Jayaraman

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