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Volume - 2 - 2019 Issue 2


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1 A Retrospective Study To Determine Patients’ Satisfaction With Fixed Dental Prostheses Provided during the Period 2015 – 2018 in the dental clinic at IBN SINA National college for medical studies, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Author: 1Dr Karunakar Shetty, 2Dr Othman wali,3Lama Abdallah Aldhaheri, 4Nada Saeed Alzahrani ,5Arwa Ibrahim Alatieque, 6Amnah Abdulkarem Alzahrani,7Mohammed Sameer Abdulhamayl
2 Comparative Evaluation of Esthetic Materials Used For Fixed Partial Prosthesis on the Periodontal Status – A One Year Retrospective Follow-UP

Author: 1Dr Shreya Shetty,2Dr Karunakar Shetty,3Dr Othman Wali,4Dr Lama Al Marshoud,5Ms Raghad Tayeb, 6Ms Jumana Abdou, 7Ms Badariya Fetaihi, 8Ms Renad Sait,9Ms Razan Alzaharani, 10Ms Khamrunissa Hussain Sheikh
3 A Review article on: Clinical application of shat kriya kala

Author: Dr. Suresh Kumar Jat1, Dr. Shikha Sharma2, Rashi Tripathi3
4 Root Perforations & Its Management: A Review Article

Author: Dr. Priyanka P. Birage1, Dr. Pradnya V. Bansode2, Dr. Seema D. Pathak3, Dr. M. B. Wavdhane4
5 The activity of table vinegar in reducing and eradicating the biofilm producing Escherichia coli

Author: SM.Nachammai1*, Dr.Karthika Jayaumar2, Vinithra suresh3, Kousalya.M4
6 Comparative Study - To Analyze Effect of Ultra Sound and Ultrasound, Along With Therapeutic Taping On Pain and Hand Grip Strength in Patients with Tennis Elbow.

Author: 1Anurag Mehta, 2Vijendra Singh, 3Sanjiv K. Jha
7 A Critical Conceptual Review of NaVegandharniyaAdhyaya of Charak Samhita

Author: Dr.Upesh M. Likhar,Dr. Brijesh Kumar Sharma, Mrs. Kavita Sharma
8 Fahr’s Disease with Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

Author: 1Nirmal Kumar Sharma, 2Padmavathi TG,3Rahul Chandel, 4Chandrakant Salve
9 Osteometric Assessment of the Mastoids for Gender Determination - A Retrospective CBCT Study

Author: Dr.Amala Manivanan, Dr. Saraswathi Gopal.K,Dr. Sai Archana
10 Prediction of Malaria Outcome and Its Complication Throught Estimation of Biochemical Marker of Serum Lactate

Author: Dr Laxmi Agrawal,Dr Arvind Bhake,Dr Aditya Bajaj
11 Prognostic Profile of Scrub Typhus in Association with Co Existing Clinical Infection in Hadoti Region of Rajasthan

Author: 1Nirmal Kumar Sharma,2Rahul Chandel,3Padmavathi TG,4Mohammed Shamnas PP,5Jaiprakash Kuldeep
12 Evaluation of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Type 2 Diabetics -Prevalence Study

Author: Dr. S. M. Kanade1, Dr. Priyadershini Rangari2*
13 Epidermoid cyst in mandible-a rare entity: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Author: Dr. Rushit Patel1, Dr. Shailesh Menat2 , Dr. Khushboo Changani3 , Dr. Darshal Panchal3 , Dr. Anil Managutti4
14 Massive Hemoptysis Due To Rasmussen’s Aneurysm – Successful Treatment with Pulmonary Artery Coiling

Author: 1Rajesh V MD, 1Jolsana Augustine DNB , 2Vijayakumar A R MD, 1Divya R MD

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