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Volume - 4 - 2021 Issue 1


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1 Biliary cystadenoma- A case report

Author: 1Dr Disha Bhandary, 2Dr Meghana D
2 Comparison of intravenous clonidine and intravenous fentanyl to attenuate the hemodynamic stress response to tracheal extubation

Author: 1Dr Rachan, 2Dr Gurudutt
3 Predictors of Hypotension following spinal anaesthesia in lower segment caesarean section – A clinical study

Author: 1Sonal Awasya, 2Kirti Sisodiya, 3Rajni Thakur, 4Preeti Verma
4 Immediate effects of mobilisation with movement on postural sway among subjects of low back pain

Author: 1Nupur Smit Shah, 2Pavan, Srinivas
5 Study of Risk for Cesarean Section in Induced Term Pregnancies

Author: 1Dr. Rajvi Shah, 2Dr. Radhika Parmar, 3Dr. Ayushi Vamja
6 A Comparative Study Of Wound Healing With Polyurethane Foam Dressing And Saline Dressing In Diabetic Leg Ulcers

Author: 1Dr. Nutan. B. V, 2Dr. M. Shridhar
7 A study on factors associated with Gastro-oesophageal Reflex Disease in correlation with Los-Angeles Classification in Upper GI scopy

Author: 1Dr. K.Ravichandran, 2Dr.R.Jayaraman, 3Dr.Palanikumar.B.
8 Sinus Lifting Procedures - A Review

Author: 1Dr. R, Sonali, 2Dr. Vidhya Sankari,3Dr. Shanmugapriya, 4Dr. Sakthi gnanavel
9 Carvedilol As A Treatment Modality In Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus And Hypertension

Author: 1Dr. Krishnakant Bhatt, 2Dr. Jayesh Ambaliya, 3Dr. Piyanka Mody , 4Dr. Siddhant agrawal, 5Dr. Kalpesh Gohel, 6Dr. Priyanka Patel, 7Dr. Dilip Waghela, 8Dr. Kuldeep Shrimani, 9Dr. Mansi Parker
10 Epidemiology of Low-Proteinuric Chronic Kidney Disease in Renal Clinics

Author: 1Dr Mujtaba Ali Hasnain, 2Dr Muhammad Shahzad Gul , 3Dr Hafiz Muhammad Sajid Anayat, 4Dr Muhammad Usman Yoosuf, 5Dr javaria karamat, 6Dr. Samrah Mujtaba
11 Result of Concomitant Occult Pneumothorax and Hemothorax in traumatic Patients requiring Ventilation

Author: 1Dr Ahmad Raza Mazher, 2Dr Hafiz Faheem Asghar,3Amna Bibi
12 Applications of Information Technology in Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Parthkumar K Thakkar, 2Dr. Neeta Bhavsar, 3Dr. Ekta Shah, 4Dr. Akanksha H. Keswani
13 Feto-Maternal Outcome In Case Of Previous Lower Segment Cesaerean Section

Author: 1Dr. Sreeramya Vedam, 2Dr. Kavita Chandnani
14 Prognosis of CKD Patients Receiving Outpatient Nephrology Care in Pakistan

Author: 1Dr Mujtaba Ali Hasnain, 2Dr Muhammad Usman Yoosuf, 3Dr javaria karamat, 4Dr Hafiz Muhammad Sajid Anayat, 5Dr Muhammad Shahzad Gul, 6Dr. Samrah Mujtaba
15 Primary Inguinal Tuberculous Lymphadenopathy

Author: 1Dr. Sharmila Raja, 2Dr. Rajasenthil Viswanathan
16 Morphometric analysis of mental foramen in adult human mandible of Nepalese population

Author: 1Deep Shikha Mishra, 2Tripti Shakya, 3Akinchan Kafle
17 Outcome of pregnancy following previous spontaneous abortion

Author: 1Dr. Abhilasha Ramachandran, 2Dr. Kavita Chandnani
18 Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus : A New Clinical Case

Author: 1Mariam Akhrif , 2Mouna Sabib, 3Toufik Meskini, 4Nezha Mouane
19 Effect of buprenorphine on the crime index in opioid dependence

Author: 1Abhinav Kapoor, 2Dr. Maya Sharma, 3Dr. Kanchan Kohli, 4Dr. Abhishek Kapoor, 5Dr. Nimmi A Jose
20 Buccal Fat Pad Flap for Reconstruction of Oral and Maxillofacial Defect – A Case Report

Author: 1Dr Pravesh Mehra, 2Dr Anuradha Kar Khongsit
21 Feto-Maternal Outcome In Case of Oligohydramnios at Term

Author: 1Dr. Radhika Parmar, 2Dr. Abhilasha Ramachandran
22 To study correlation of Vitamin D deficiency in coronary artery disease

Author: 1Ankit Anand, 2Mahesh Kumar Mehrotra, 3Smita Gupta, 4Sharat Johri, 5Ankit Grover
23 Advances in Pediatric Critical Care Research in Pakistan.

Author: 1Dr Sana Sohail Azim, 2Dr Zahra Sohail Azim, 3Dr Madeeha Kanwal
24 Homoeopathic Thyroidinum 3X & Thyroidinum 6X- An Adjuvant in the Treatment of Hypothyroidism a Single Blind Cross Over Study

Author: 1Dr Shahinda Quadri, 2Dr Aditiya Sharma, 3Dr Aijaz Aziz Sulemani, 4Dr Neetu Sulemani , 5Dr Sakshi Mehrotra, 6Dr Abdul Wahid, 7Dr. Pushpa Sharma
25 Impact of Dry Eye on Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity: Dry Eye Assessment and Management Study

Author: 1Munib ur Rehman, 2Shahid Mehmood Diyal, 3Bilal Humayun Mirza, 4Iqra Qureshi, 5Muhammad Rizwan Ullah

Author: IJMACR
27 Clinico-pathological features and outcome of acute appendicitis: A prospective study in our Institution

Author: 1Dr Muthuraj K, 2Dr. Kokila S
28 Comparative analysis of The BAP-65, DECAF & Modified DECAF Scores in Prognostication of Patients Hospitalized with Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Author: 1Dr. Meenaxi Sharda, 2Dr. Yashwant Sharma, 3Dr. Nitesh Kumar Bauddh, 4Dr. Devendra Ajmera, 5Dr. Naresh Meghwal
29 Molecular biological tools applied for identi?cation of Pathogens causing female reproductive tract infection

Author: 1Dr. Pushpa Sharma, 2Dr. B. N. Shringi, 3Rishi Kumar Sharma, 4Dr. L. K. Kapil
30 Prevalence of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in middle aged patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Author: 1Dr Vijant Singh Chandail, 3Dr Vinu Jamwal
31 Effect of Gestational Insulin Resistance on the Maternal-Fetal Metabolic Homeostasis

Author: 1Aissatou Seck, 2Fatou Cisse, 3Abibatou Sall, 4Fatou Bintou Sar, 5Mor Diaw, 6Abdou K Sow, 7Salimata D Houndjo, 8Arame Mbengue, 9Abdoulaye Ba, 10Fatou Diallo Agne, 11Abdoulaye Samb
32 Synthesis and Characterization of a- and B-HgS nanoparticles from Hg(II) dithiocarbamate Complexes

Author: 1G. Gurumoorthy, 2R. Selvam
33 A comparative study of commercially available shampoos for its anti-dandruff activity

Author: 1S. Sivaranjani, 2R. Kalaivani, 3A. Santhiya, 4G. Lakshmanan
34 A Study on the Role of Antioxidant Enzymes and Lipid Profile of Cigarette Smokers in Different Age Groups

Author: 1Abirami S, 2Deepalakshmi J, 3Lakshmanan G, 4Saravanan D, 5B. Gopalakrishnan, 6Selvam R
35 Renal Parameters in Diabetes with Different Age Groups

Author: 1B. Priya, 2R. Selvam, 3B. Gopalakrishnan, 4D. Saravanan

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