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Volume - 5 - 2022 Issue 6


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1 Association between hysterosalpingography findings and female infertility - A retrospective study at tertiary care Centre

Author: 1Dr. Gayatri Singh, 2Prof. Dr. Kanchan Rani
2 Endometrial Profile in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - A Retrospective Study at Tertiary care center

Author: 1Vidhi Singh, 2Kanchan Rani
3 Evaluation of glycemic and thyroid status in pregnant women attending routine antenatal clinic at our hospital

Author: 1Dr. Sushma BJ, 2Dr. Ratna Rajesh Gogulamudi
4 Profile of serum vitamin d levels among individuals in Mizoram - A retrospective study

Author: 1Hmingthanzuali Ralte, 2John Zohmingthanga, 3Chawngthu Vanlalhlua, 4Zothansangi, 5Babie Zirnunsangi
5 Pills for medical termination of pregnancy, why it is still available over the counter

Author: 1Dr. Megha Banke, 2Prof. Dr. Nootan Chandwaskar, 3Prof. Dr. Sunita Mishra, 4Dr. Rajesh Patidar, 5Prof. Dr. Sonia Tiwari
6 Recognition of early microvascular complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus using hematological & biochemical parameters

Author: 1Dr. Ariba Nasir, 2Dr. Faiyaz Ahmad, 3Dr. Seema Awasthi, 4Dr. Prachi Singh, 5Dr. Faiza Samin, 6Dr. Anushka Gupta
7 A study on functional outcome of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using peroneus longus tendon auto graft

Author: 1Rajesh K. Ambulgekar, 2Dr. Gurneet Kaur Chhabda
8 Traumatic thoracolumbar spine fracture management

Author: 1Rajesh Kishanrao Ambulgekar, 2Niranjan Sunil Ghag
9 Study of functional and radiological outcome of humerus diaphyseal displaced fracture in children managed with retrograde Enders nail

Author: 1Dr. Rajesh K. Ambulgekar, 2Dr. Md Zafar Iqbal
10 Influence of social media on people seeking dermatology information – A cross sectional questionnaire study

Author: 1Aishwarya Naik, 2Vinay K Nirvanappa, 3Parvathi C. Nagesha, 4Ravikumar B C, 5Suresh M R, 6Umadevi H R
11 Off-label drug use among hospitalized paediatric patients at tertiary care teaching hospital

Author: 1Pooja M. Vachhani, 2Manish N. Solanki
12 Awareness of COVID 19 Vaccine Amongst General Population: A Cross Sectional Questionnaire Study

Author: 1Dr. Ankita R. Wadgaonkar, 2Dr. Ankita Singh, 3Dr. Manjunath Malur, 4Dr. Yogesh Sahu, 5Dr. Praveen Mishra, 6Dr. Shruti Sharma
13 Effectiveness of Retrograde Autologous Priming of Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Patients of Cardiac Surgery to Reduce Blood Product Transfusion

Author: 1Dr. Shantanu Gomase, 2Dr. Manish Sonkusale
14 A case of pediatric stroke in a healthy male child - cryptogenic stroke in children.

Author: 1Dr. Raimy Mathew, 2Dr. Jacob Abraham, 3Dr. Carol Sara Cherian
15 Bilateral Subcostal Giant Lipoma

Author: 1Sunidhi Badyal, 2Samia Mohan, 3Kuldeep Singh Mehta, 4Noor-Ul-an Bandey, 5Rishabh Gupta
16 Symptomatic Pneumocephalus After Lumbar Spinal Surgery - A Case series

Author: 1Anuj Kumar Tripathi, 2Mohammad Kamran Iqbal, 3Eesha Singh
17 Utility of tuberculin skin test versus interferon gamma release assay in screening chronic kidney disease patients for latent tuberculosis infection

Author: 1Renjana Anirudhan, 2Meenakshi N, 3R Sridhar
18 Prevalence and severity of depression among school going adolescents in Agroha block of Haryana

Author: 1Dr. Seema Choudhary, 2Dr. Keshav Solanki, 3Dr. Sunny Malhotra, 4Mr. Surya Mani Pandey
19 The use of platelet-rich plasma, a simple and cost- effective way in decreasing pain, promoting epithelialization, angiogenesis and collagen synthesis in a split thickness skin graft donor site

Author: 1Dr. Kabita Kalita, 2Dr. Leena Talukdar, 3Dr. Swamy Vivek Gurindagunta
20 Newly diagnosed patient with eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Churg-Strauss) in the cardiac ward - A case report

Author: 1Sitelbanat Osman Khalifa, 2Mohamed Khair Ibrahim, 3Hatim Kheirallah
21 Evaluation of unhealthy cervix in correlation with Pap smear colposcopy and Histopathology

Author: 1Dr. Santoshi Kumari Gollapalli
22 Study of socioeconomic factors among street vendors of Shahabazar, Aurangabad, Maharashtra - A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Shailesh Kharatmol, 2Dr. Vinod Mundada, 3Dr. Shailesh Palve, 4Dr. M. K. Doibale
23 A case study of dextrocardia with situs inversus

Author: 1Dr. Vijayalaxmi Pujari, 2Dr. Santwana Chandrakar
24 A Comparative Study of Intertrochanteric Fracture Fixation with Hip Fracture Nail and Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation II In Elderly Indian Patients.

Author: 1Dr. Samson Samuel E, 2Dr. Vishak K. G, 3Dr. Anu Elsa Joseph
25 Clinical and Laboratory Profile of Central Nervous System Tuberculosis

Author: 1Neema Jaleel, 2Sameer V K, 3Mohamed Salim Valiyakathoy, 4Noufal Perumpalath
26 Effect of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy on Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Author: 1Akshay Duppelly
27 Analysis of baseline renal function tests and adverse outcomes in pregnant patients with chronic hypertension in a teaching hospital

Author: 1Dr. Amol Prakash Pawar, 2Dr. Anita Laxmanrao Ijalkar
28 High Flow Priapism in a Paediatric Patient after Trauma

Author: 1Pranav Raja Yadav, 2Ram Gopal Yadav
29 A cross sectional study of oral health problems of primary school children with special emphasis on dental caries in an urban area of Pune city

Author: 1Dr. Atul A. Jagtap, 2Dr. Muralidhar P. Tambe, 3Dr. Varsharani V. Kendre
30 Comparative Evaluation of Point of Care Erycard 2.0 Against Conventional Slide Agglutination and Gold Standard Tube Agglutination technique for ABO and RH Grouping

Author: 1Dr. Kahkasha Aalam, 2Dr. Chandni Naresh Krishnani, 3Dr. Anil Kumar Verma, 4Dr Firoz Sheikh, 5Dr Omika Meshram,6Dr Chandan Bajad
31 Probiotics in Allergic Rhinitis

Author: 1Dr. Hanock Nischal, 2Dr. Priyanka Gowdru Chandrashekhar, 3Dr. Sunil Pai, 4Dr. David Rosario, 5Dr. Mangala Naikar, 6Pooja Ramalingaiah
32 Evaluation of the efficacy of modified home-based pulmonary rehabilitation

Author: 1Dr. Krishnika Ravichandran, 2Dr. Meenakshi, 3Dr. Aruna Shanmuganathan, 4Dr. Sridhar. R, 5Dr. Nisha Ganga, 6Dr. Sahana
33 A study of bowel wall ischemia using contrast enhanced MDCT

Author: 1Dr. Rihin Samuel Anish, 2Dr. Bysani Swaroop, 3Dr. Sindhu, 4Dr. Gautam. M
34 A Rare Cause of Heart Failure - Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries

Author: 1Dr Shruti Madhukar Koli, 2Dr Archana Bhate, 3Dr C S Srinivas
35 A study on aetiology and ocular associations in orbital fractures in a tertiary care center in South India

Author: 1Dr. Prathibha Shanthaveerappa, 2Dr. Sushmitha Samak Sriganesh, 3Dr. Shweta Samuel
36 Chorioretinal Folds after uneventful cataract surgery

Author: 1Priyanka Sisodiya, 2Prakhar Bokade
37 Evaluation of various foetal biometric parameters by ultrasound in normal pregnant women in local population

Author: 1Dr. Likhith B, 2Dr. Gautam M, 3Dr. Yashaswini B, 4Dr. Renya S
38 Plagiocephaly

Author: 1Dr. Satyajit Mitra, 2Dr. Debajani Deka
39 To study the incidence of early onset sepsis among the late preterm and term neonates in a tertiary care Centre

Author: 1Dr. Y. Sreekrishna, 2Dr. Adarsh. E., 3Dr. Nayana Kamath
40 Isolation, characterization and antifungal susceptibility of candida species in suspected cases of oral candidiasis with special reference to oral microbiome at a tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Athira Jayaram, 2Dr. Rajesh Karyakarte
41 Alopecia Areata - An instance of combined therapy success

Author: 1Dr. Binod Kumar, 2Dr. Kiran Kumre
42 Study of fetal anomalies in second trimester of pregnancy in central India region

Author: 1Shruti P. Goswami, 2Gunjan A Badwaik
43 Serum Uric Acid - A better diagnostic or prognostic tool to assess severity of diabetic retinopathy, An observational study conducted in a tertiary care Centre

Author: 1Dr. Prasanth Prasad,2Dr. Jarlin John,3Dr. Henna Puthiyaveetil Sabeerali, 4Dr. Sumesh Raj
44 Comparison of dexmedetomidine & midazolam as intramuscular sedation in cataract surgeries under peribulbar block

Author: Dr. Nitin P. Chopde, Dr. Shubhada R. Deshmukh, Dr. Gunjan Badwaik,
45 Post Covid -19 manifestations among patients attending Outpatient department of Ophthalmology in a tertiary care teaching institute Puducherry

Author: 1Deepika K, 2Loganathan M, 3Lipika Panda
46 A study of serum c reactive protein in sickle cell disease patients with or without Vaso-occlusive crisis and its response to analgesic therapy

Author: 1Dr. Nikhil Gadade, 2Dr. Shekhar S Ghodeswar
47 Ocular Metastasis - A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Monika Prajapati, 2Dr. Kinjal Trivedi
48 Study of the clinical outcomes of the patients following stapled haemorrhoidectomy at tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Rishabh Gupta, 2Dr. Sunidhi Badyal, 3Dr. B.S. Pathania, 4Dr. Servishet Saraf
49 The Effect of Inj. Dexmedetomidine Infusion in Cochlear Implant Surgery among Pediatric Patients

Author: 1Dr. Richa Patel (R3), 2Dr. Gaurav Sharma (R3), 3Dr. Zeel Patel (R2), 4Dr. Neeta Patel (R2), 5Dr. Niyati Pandya (R2)
50 Analysis of functional outcome of kyphoplasty in osteoporotic vertebral wedge compression fractures

Author: 1Dr. Amit Bisht, 2Dr. Inder Pawar, 3Dr. Rohan Krishnan, 4Dr. Jaiveer Singh, 5Dr. Mohit Singh
51 Smartphone addiction and musculoskeletal pain among medical students: A cross Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr. Y. V. Bhagat, 2Dr. S. P. Andurkar, 3Dr. M. K. Doibale
52 Association of Acne Vulgaris with Metabolic Syndrome and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Females: A Cross-Sectional Study

Author: 1Dr Greeshma V Shetty, 2Dr Vinma H Shetty, 3Dr Chintaman R Suvarna, 4Dr Keerthana Venugopal
53 An Epidemiological Profile of Fatal Snake Bite at SRG Hospital in Jhalawar Region

Author: 1Dr. Rajkumar Saini
54 Septate Gall bladder - A case review with a review of literature

Author: 1Dr. Arjit Kapoor, 2Dr. Santosh Gupta, 3Dr. Danish Sharma, 4Dr. Owais, 5Dr. Ritvik Resutra, 6Dr. Samia Mohan
55 Investigation of the most efficient dentin bonding protocol for noncarious cervical lesions

Author: 1Hamid Badrian, 2Kamran Azadbakht, 3Babak Mahmoudpourian
56 A Prospective Observational Study of Prescription Pattern of Anti-Depressants in Psychiatric Department of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

Author: 1Dr. Mitalee Prajapati, 2Dr. Amita Kuabavt, 3Dr. Pratik Chabhadiya
57 A comparative study of intravenous dexmedetomidine hcl and fentanyl citrate for attenuating the hemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and double-lumen endobronchial intubation

Author: 1Dr. Vidhi Solanki, 2Dr. Nita D. Gosai, 3Dr. Jayshree M. Thakkar
58 Computed tomography evaluation of spontaneous non-traumatic intraparenchymal haemorrhage in brain with clinical correlation and assessment of functional outcome

Author: 1Dr. Rohith. J. R, 2DR. Gautam Muthu, 3Dr. Nagaraja G. N, 4Dr. Aseefa. C. K.
59 Correlation of NCCT brain findings with Glasgow coma scale in patients with acute traumatic brain injury

Author: 1Dr. Arun Babu, 2Dr. Gautam M, 3Dr. Rohith
60 Relationship between Ultrasound guided Fetal Foot length and Gestational age in the Ultrasound Department of Raja Rajeswari Medical College and Hospital- A Prospective study

Author: 1Dr. Shalini. G. R, 2Dr. Gautam. M, 3Dr. Pravin. G. U
61 Study on the antiproteinuric efficacy of Cilnidipine as an add on therapy to Ramipril in patients of Diabetic Nephropathy”

Author: 1Dr. Aalia Tausif, 1Dr. Taruna Sharma, 2Dr. Juhi Kalra, 3Dr. Sohaib Ahmad
62 Microbial Flora of Oral cavity

Author: 1Dr. Fathima Abdul Jabbar, 2Dr. R Mahalakshmi, 3Dr. S Ramya Srinivasan, 4Dr. S Kanimozhi, 5Dr. P Karthiga, 6Dr. M Sathish Kumar
63 Correlation Between Blood Parameters and Early Detection of Infection in Arthroplasty

Author: 1Vipan Kumar, 2Jasbir Singh, 3Akash Parasher, 4Raman Chauhan, 5Devinder Kumar, 6Anu Yarky
64 Platelet Rich Plasma and Its Application in Dentistry

Author: 1Dr. Maheen Shaikh, 2Dr. Murakonda Sahithi, 3Dr. Milind Rajan, 4Dr. Settipalli Sravya, 5Dr. Vuggam Jaswanth Kumar, 6Dr. Jahnavi Kyla
65 Short-term clinical outcomes of Frey’s procedure for chronic pancreatitis - our experience.

Author: 1Dr. Pradeep Kumar S, 2Dr. Mohammed Wasif Habeeb
66 A Retrospective Analysis of Osteosarcoma among inpatients with Metachronous Metastatic Relapse

Author: 1Girish Chandra Sahoo
67 Arthroscopic posterior capsular decompression among patients with recalcitrant fexion contracture

Author: 1Girish Chandra Sahoo
68 Role of S100 in oral cancer

Author: 1Dr. Shanmuga Priya, 2Dr. Vasanth, 3Dr. Yuvaraaj, 4Dr. Pooja sri, 5Dr. Mary Tresa Jeyapriya, 6Dr. M. Sathish Kumar
69 Conscious Sedation for Management of Dental Anxiety in Children: A Systematic Review

Author: 1Dr Akshaya Thaliyil, 2Dr Saraswathi V Naik, 3Dr Basappa N, 4Dr Deepak B M, 5Dr Thakkar Shruti Vinod

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