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Volume - 6 - 2023 Issue -1 - January


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1 2D echo changes in hypertensive disorder of pregnancy in third trimester

Author: 1Dr. B. M. Rupakala, 2Dr. Anusha N.S.
2 C-Reactive Protein (CRP) as a prognostic marker in COVID-19 patients - A cross-sectional comparative study

Author: 1Dr. M Anuradha, 2Dr. V Haritha, 3Dr. K Abhilasha, 4Dr. K Sneha Jigisha
3 Challenges faced in Implementing LDCT in High-risk subjects for lung cancer screening in Indian scenario

Author: 1Dr. Ramprasath, 2Dr. Meenakshi N, 3Dr. Sridhar R, 4Dr. Sai Archana P
4 Sedation in Surgical ICU – Dexmedetomidine Versus Propofol Infusion

Author: 1Dr. Rajvee Gala, 2Dr. Javed Wani, 3Dr. Jessy Vennel
5 Pons Hepatis – An Anatomic Curiosity

Author: 1Dr. Kalamutharasi R, 2Dr. Dhanalakshmi V, 3Dr. Saranya G, 4Dr. Ganga N V
6 A study on Knowledge, attitude and practice of sexually transmitted diseases among youths in Ghaila, Lucknow

Author: 1Sankalp Ranjan, 2Rishabh Malhotra, 3Ashok Kumar Mishra, 4Jaigam Abbas, 5Mohd Arif Hussain
7 Varying clinical presentations of childhood pemphigus vulgaris - A case report

Author: 1Dr. Sreevidya Suresh M, 2Dr. Patnala Guru Prasad,3Dr. Kethireddi Susmitha Divya,4Dr. Karri Sudhir Babu
8 Inguinal swellings with diagnostic challenge - 2 Case Reports

Author: 1Dr. Vergis Paul, 2Dr. Caroline Francis, 3Dr. Elizabeth Fischer, 4Dr. Sanoop Kumar Sherin Sabu
9 A prospective study of clinical and functional outcome of coxofemoral bypass bipolar hemiarthroplasty in elderly patient with comminuted intertrochanteric fracture

Author: 1Dr. Avinashdev D Upadhyay, 2Dr. Suresh Kriplani, 3Dr. Milind G Kulkarni, 4Dr. Shekhar Malve, 5Dr. Tejas Patil
10 Retrospective study of effect of Oligohydramnios on Maternal and Foetal outcome in a tertiary care hospital.

Author: 1Dr. Karanam Mounika, 2Dr. Srividya Kunamneni
11 A study of Clinico-Etiological profile of Pancytopenia - Experience of tertiary care hospital in South India.

Author: 1Kothapally Dinesh Reddy,1Rohit Afroz, 2Swamy Miryala
12 Comparing the functional outcome of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction using an autologus Bone Patellar Tendon Bone (BPTB) graft and an autologus Quadriceps Tendon Bone (QTB) graft using modified transtibial technique.

Author: 1Konda Rithvik, 2R.M. Mallikarjuna Reddy, 3Rama Krishna, 4B. Priyatham, 5J. Abhishek
13 Clinical spectrum and outcome of mucormycosis patients with diabetes and Covid 19 in a tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Muthumani L, 2Prabhu T.M, 3Anbarasan M, 4Padmanaban U.B, 5Sathishkumar G, 6Mohammed Ibrahim C
14 Evaluation of Sociodemographic aspect in core relation with the risk factors of patients with intellectual disability visiting a tertiary care hospital in Marathwada region of Maharashtra

Author: 1Dr. Anik Pal, 2Dr. Prasad Deshpande, 3Dr. Pankaj Pawar, 4Dr. Rupesh Bansod
15 Study of persisting clinical symptoms of Covid 19 survivors after one year of discharge from a tertiary care center

Author: 1Dr. Kumar Harshvardhan, 2Dr. Govind Anandrao Pawde, 3Dr. Jitendra Kumar
16 Paratesticular Leiomyoma – Case Report of a Rare Scrotal Mass

Author: 1Dr. Geena Benjamin, 2Dr. Prince Hiliston Thomas
17 Role of Multidetector Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Acute Abdomen

Author: 1Dr. Kurre Pranetha,2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao, 3Dr. Killada Meghana Devi, 4Dr. Batchu Meghala, 5Dr. Kilaparti Kavya
18 Fungal aetiological agents in patients with vulvovaginitis - A hospital-based study in Puducherry

Author: 1Dr. Vinod R, 2Dr. Shanthi V, 3Dr. Neeharika B
19 Magnetic Resonance Imaging spectrum of Avascular necrosis of the femoral head in the post-COVID era – A Single Institutional based study

Author: 1Dr. Dangeti Sowmya Sri, 2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao, 3Dr. P. Monica Aneesha, 4Dr. P. Uma Ravalika, 5Dr. N. Sobha Rani
20 The role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the evaluation of primary malignant bone tumors

Author: 1Dr. Sireesha Jonnalagadda, 2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao, 3Dr.Monica Aneesha
21 Clozapine induced acute pancreatitis - A case report

Author: 1Dr. S. N. Sravan Kumar, 2Dr. Usha Kiran. P, 3Dr. R. Anubama, 4Dr. D. Rajesh
22 Seroprevalence of hepatitis A virus (HAV) and hepatitis E virus (HEV) in the patients presenting with acute viral hepatitis at tertiary care hospital, Gujarat

Author: 1Dr. Sweta Rameshbhai Dhaneja, 2Dr. Ghanshyam Ukabhai Kavathia, 3Dr. Shaili Mukeshbhai Jethva
23 Effect of Loading Protocol on Crestal Bone Loss in Micro threaded Neck Dental Implants - A Systematic Review

Author: 1Pradyumna M. Doibale, 2Suryakant C Deogade, 3Arun N Khalikar, 4Sattyam V Wankhede, 5Vinay Dutta B.S., 6Archit K Kapadia
24 A rare case of Ethambutol toxicity - Early diagnosis and treatment

Author: 1Dr. Rashmi Rajur
25 A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Corticosteroid Injection versus Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Author: 1Prakash Kumar,2Fagu Ram Majhi
26 Lower Motor Neuron Facial Palsy in Leptospirosis - A Rare Presentation

Author: 1Rohan D Shetty, 2Swathi S, 3Pranamya Jain, 4E V S Maben
27 Comparison of prognostic indicator of acute Pancreatitis Ranson’s Score with serum albumin

Author: 1Dr. Manoj, 2Dr. Anu V Babu, 3Dr. Ajayan G, 4Dr. Benny PV
28 Clinico-epidemiological study of pattern of dermatoses among patients of pediatric age group in tertiary health Centre - A cross-sectional study

Author: 1Sithara Abdul Rasheed U, 2Suresh M R, 3Ravikumar B C, 4Vinay K Nirvanappa, 5Umadevi H R, 6Dr. Parvathi C. Nagesha
29 Retrospective Study of Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Heart Disease

Author: 1Dr. M. P. A Sai Lakshmi, 2Dr. Swetha. N
30 Parental perception about the severity of asthma in their children vis a vis the objective assessment based on Global initiative of Asthma (GINA) guidelines

Author: 1Ranjeet Kumar, 2Dr. Priyashree Mukherjee, 3Dr. Priyanka Bote, 4Mukesh Agrawal
31 Anaesthetic management of hypocalcemia in a radical nephrectomy and inferior vena cava thrombectomy following multiple blood transfusion - A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Sunil Kumar Krishnappa, 2Dr. Ananya P, 3Dr. Thrivikrama Padur Tantry
32 A rare presentation of olfactory neuroblastoma- A case report

Author: 1Dr. Joshna Vijayan, 2Dr. Nishant M.B
33 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) regarding Covid-19 among medical students of a teaching tertiary care institute of North India - An observational study

Author: 1Priyanka Bansal, 2Kunal Bansal, 3Rishmeet Kaur
34 Efficacy of inhaled salbutamol therapy via nebulizer versus metered dose inhaler & spacer in children with acute exacerbation of asthma

Author: 1Varuna Jagtap, 2Dr. Priyanshee Mukherjee, 2Dr. Priyanka Bote, 1Mukesh Agrawal
35 Association of Thrombocytopenia with Microcytic and Macrocytic Anemia in Pregnant Women

Author: 1Dr. Kausar Jahan, 2Dr. Tamkin Khan, 3Dr. Kafil Akhtar
36 To study A minimally invasive surgical approach for Sanders type 2 & 3 calcaneal fractures

Author: 1Dr. Ajay Surwade, 2Dr. Girish Motwani
37 A Histo patho logical and immuno histochemical study of papillary squamotransitional carcinoma of cervix - Case series of 10 cases

Author: 1Dr. Shweta Sonkusale, 2Dr. Manish Sonkusale, 3Dr. Richa Choudhary, 4Dr. Neha Bhatt, 5Dr. Mangesh Kohale, 6Dr. Pratibha Dawande
38 Impact of Increased Screen Time and Its Association with Dry Eye among MBBS Students During COVID 19 Pandemic

Author: 1Dr. Divya Singh, 2Dr. Aman Tiwari, 3Dr. Ivj Jindal, 4Dr Astha G, 5Dr. Jawahar Lal Goyal, 6Dr. Abha Gahlot
39 Epidural Dexmedetomidine versus Clonidine for post-operative analgesia in patients undergoing Total Abdominal Hysterectomy - A Prospective Double-blind Randomized Trial

Author: 1Dr. K P. Kameshwaran,2Prof. Dr. P Manohar,3Dr. M Murali Manoj,4Dr. Karthikeyan
40 Middle turbinate variants and deviated nasal septum association with frontal and maxillary sinusitis

Author: 1Dr. Venkatesh Somu, 2Dr. Venkateswar Rao Sriramaneni, 3Dr. Rabiya Baseri Nelofar, 4Dr.Dara Manoj Roy, 5Dr. Raavi Venkata Swaroop, 6Dr. Nazia Sultana
41 Role of magnetic resonance imaging in evaluation of carcinoma cervix

Author: 1Dr. Pithana Monica Aneesha, 2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao, 3Dr.D Sowmya Sri, 4Dr. Jonnalagadda sireesha
42 Polypharmacy - A community-based study on the prevalence and knowledge among the elderly in the rural areas of a tertiary care hospital in coastal Karnataka

Author: 1V Narayana, 2K Basavaraju, 3Sucharitha Suresh
43 A prospective study on predictors of poor outcome in patients with spontaneous non -traumatic intracerebral hemorrhage

Author: 1Dr. Kilaparti Kavya, 2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao, 3Dr.B. Meghala, 4Dr. K. Meghana Devi, 5Dr. K. Pranitha
44 Study on incidence and etiology of respiratory distress in newborns in a tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Ajeet Kumar Saini, 2Dr. Kuwar Vishal, 3Dr. Gunjan Jain, 4Dr. Sharad Kumar Singh, 5Dr. Ritu Chawla
45 Evaluation of malignant risk potential of thyroid nodules using ultrasound thyroid imaging reporting and data system (Tirads) criteria and correlating with fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC)

Author: 1Dr. Batchu Meghala, 2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao,3Dr.Kilaparti Kavya,4Dr.Killada Meghana Devi, 5Dr.Kurre Pranetha
46 A follow up study of clinical and biochemical outcome in Pediatric patients of iron deficiency anemia

Author: 1Dr. Rutaben D Karkar, 2Dr. Rusitkumar M Karkar, 3Dr. Harmik H Maniya,4Dr. Nemish V Donda
47 Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Evaluation of Compressive Myelopathy

Author: 1Dr. Killada Meghana Devi, 2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao, 3Dr.Kurre Praneetha, 4Dr. Kilaparti Kavya, 5Dr. Batchu Meghala
48 Can a short film make a difference in attitude towards tobacco cessation feedback from medical fraternity

Author: 1Dr. Sandeep Narwane, 2Dr. Sangita Vikhe, 3Dr. Rahul Kunkulol
49 Comparative assessment with Ultrasound and magnetic resonance Imaging in the evaluation of chronic Ankle pathologies

Author: 1Dr. Irfan Habib Sk., 2Dr. Sankha Subhra Roy, 3Dr. Surajit Das, 4Dr. Arindam Mondal
50 A study on perception and practice of people towards Covid-19 vaccination in Chamarajanagar

Author: 1Girish B, 2Jithin Surendran, 2Mia George Kallumkal, 3Damayanthi MN, 4Sainath
51 Clinico-epidemiological study of alopecia in tertiary care hospital - A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Chaithra. B. M, 2Dr. Suresh. M. R, 3Dr. Ravikumar. B. C, 4Dr. Vinay. K. N, 5Dr. Umadevi. H. R, 6Dr. Parvathi. C. N
52 Evaluation of stress, anxiety and depression in melasma patients

Author: 1Dr. Vidya Shree N, 2Dr. Vinay K N, 3Dr. Ravikumar B C, 4Dr. Suresh M R, 5Dr. Uma devi H R, 6Dr. Bharathi G
53 Influence of anaemia on glycosylated haemoglobin levels in diabetic individuals

Author: 1Dr. Shivani G. Choudhary, 2Dr. Reeta Kataruka, 2Dr. A.A Vare, 3Dr. C. P. Bhale
54 End stage renal disease (ESRD)- Dermatologist perspective / Dermatological manifestations

Author: 1Dr. Sharada V G, 2Dr. Vijaykumar Patil, 3Dr. Bhavana R Doshi
55 Cross-sectional study on factors associated with poor outcome among ventilated neonates in a rural tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dharan Kumar, 2Pavani M, 3Rajendra Naidu, 4Dr. Pakala Thejasri, 5Dr. R. Praneetha
56 Computed tomography of paranasal sinuses in assessment of Covid 19 associated rhino-orbital-cerebral mucormycosis with medical and surgical outcome – A single institution retrospective study

Author: 1Nazia Sultana, 2S. Venkateswar Rao, 3R. V Swaroop, 4D. Manoj Roy, 5S. Venkatesh
57 Head trauma in pediatric patients: study of epidemiology, clinical profile and CT findings

Author: 1Dr. Harmik H Maniya, 2Dr. Nemish V Donda, 3Dr. Rusitkumar M Karkar, 4Dr. Rutaben D Karkar
58 Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in evaluation of meniscal and ligamentous injuries of traumatic knee joint

Author: 1Dr. Dara Manoj Roy, 2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao, 3Dr. Somu Venkatesh, 4Dr. Raavi Venkata Swaroop, 5Dr. Nazia Sultana
59 Kimura disease –A rare case report

Author: 1Dr. Tejashri S. Aher
60 Role of high-resolution ultrasound in evaluating and distinguishing the types of inguinal hernia

Author: 1Dr. Reddivari Uma Ravalika, 2Dr. Sriramaneni Venkateswar Rao, 3Dr. Pravalya, 4Dr. Sowmya
61 Sezary syndrome with peripheral neuropathy - A rare neuropathic syndrome

Author: 1Dr. Sanjay Kumar Kannaujia, 2Dr. Neha Yadav, 3Dr. Hanuman Prasad, 4Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, 5Dr. Geeta Maurya, 6Dr. Seema Dayal
62 Epidemiology of STIs among South Indian men

Author: 1Dr. Eleazar Raj Chinnam, 2Dr. T S Mohan Rao, 3Dr. DSS Prasad
63 Role of 12% ferulic acid peel in the treatment of constitutional type of periorbital melanosis - A comparative study of clinical efficacy and safety with 15% lactic acid peel

Author: 1Dr. Yasmin Hana S, 2Dr. Mohana Rao TS, 3Dr. V Lakshmi Sarojini
64 Role of MR Fistulogram in Assessment of Anorectal Fistulas –Single Institution Prospective Study

Author: 1Venkata Swaroop. R, 2S. Venkateswar Rao,3Nazia Sultana, 4D. Manoj Roy, 5S. Venkatesh
65 Anti-TPO levels in Papillary thyroid carcinoma in comparison with Colloid goiter- A descriptive, comparative study

Author: 1Dr. Shreya shah,2Dr. Reeta Kataruka,3Dr. Chandrashekhar P. Bhale
66 Educational opportunities for street children

Author: 1Dr Sandhya Khadse, 2Dr Ishani Arora
67 A Study of Risk Factors for Cesarean section in Induced Labour

Author: 1Dr. Anaghaa. R, 1Dr. Sarojamma
68 A study of Pattern and spectrum of Neonatal dermatoses in a tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Lakshmi Sarojini Vutukuri, 2Dr. Veereswara Rao Kurma, 3Dr. Akasapu Karunakara Rao, 4Dr. Kalyani Manchu, 5Dr. Triveni Manchu
69 Extraocular sebaceous carcinoma over lower back - A rare case report

Author: 1Dr. Prathipaty Josephine Bindu, 2Dr. Srikanth Reddy Kamireddy, 3Dr. Bellala Venkata Madhavi, 4Dr. Nagoti Dwarakanath
70 Burden and perceived social support on primary caregivers of cancer patients

Author: 1Sampreetha Prashanth, 2Suwarna Madhu kumar, 3Divya V, 1Kritie Saluja
71 A comparative study on 0.25% bupivacaine and 0.375% ropivacaine in ultrasound guided transverse abdominis plane block for postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Author: 1Dr. Sreeja Sadan, 2Dr. Kavyashree H S, 3Dr. Jayanth Kumar H.S, 4Dr. Thirunavakkarasu Sivaraman
72 Retrosternal Mass - A Rare Case of Hashimoto’s

Author: 1Dr. Rakshitha D, 2Dr. Siddarth Hegde, 3Dr. Ajay, 4Dr. Amar D N, 5Dr. Pramukh Hegde
73 Neonatal sepsis and its associated factors among neonates admitted in a rural tertiary Care Centre

Author: 1Dharan kumar, 2Praneetha R, 3Rajendra Naidu, 4Dr. Mundluru Pavani, 5Dr. Pakala Thejasri
74 Short-term outcomes of neonates admitted in rural tertiary care centre- A retrospective study

Author: 1Dr. Dharan Kumar, 2Dr. Pakala Thejasri, 3Dr. Rajendra Naidu, 4Dr. Mundluru Pavani, 5Dr. R. Praneetha
75 TOPIC - Evaluation of Risk Factors for Preterm and Term Deliveries in Lagos

Author: 1Yusuf Abisowo Oshodi, 2Oluwa Rotimi Ireti Akinola, 3Anthony Aimufia, 4Fatimat Motunrayo Akinlusi, 5Samuel Abiodun Adegoke, 6Ayokunle Adedayo Ogunyemi
76 A study of vancomycin and linezolid sensitivity pattern in enterococcus species from various clinical samples from a tertiary care hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Author: 1Dr. Anita Lamba, 2Dr. Susheel Kumar singh, 3Dr. Mamta Lamba, 4Dr. Rajni Sharma, 5Dr. Akriti Aggarwal
77 Hypospadias surgeries - A single tertiary care center experience

Author: 1Akshat Sudhanshu, 2Samia Mohan, 3Priyanka Sharma
78 Pregnancy Related Acute Kidney Injury - A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Jacquiline Jose, 2Dr. Vinitha Wills, 3Dr. Laila Mathews
79 Ileosigmoid knotting in pregnancy

Author: 1Dr. Rajni Bhardwaj, 2Dr. Deepti Chanjotra, 3Dr Nasir Khan, 4Dr Shiwani Thakur
80 Clinical profile and outcome of children admitted with shock in pediatric intensive care unit of a tertiary care hospital in Coimbatore - A Prospective cohort study

Author: 1Dr. Krishna Kumari T. V, 2Dr. Karpagam L.
81 Symmetric peripheral gangrene secondary to sepsis

Author: 1Dr. Mani Mohan Reddy KP, 2Dr. Mohith H N, 3Dr. Vidyasagar C.R, 4Dr. Srinivasa S.V.
82 Clinical and Dermoscopic assessment of the therapeutic efficacy of platelet rich plasma and triamcinolone acetonide intralesional injections in alopecia areata

Author: 1Dr. R. Nikhitha Priyanka, 2Dr. Mohana Rao TS, 3Dr. Dhanya Sree
83 Comparative analysis of Subcision with Derma roller and Subcision with TCA 50% cross in management of atrophic acne scars

Author: 1Dr. Mounika Uddavolu, 2Dr. Mohana Rao TS, 3Dr. Venkata Sridevi K
84 Monofocals Vs Multifocal IOLS of Same Material and Design in Postcataract Extraction Visual Rehabilitation of Patients

Author: 1Dr Shivam Manu Gupta, 2Dr. Kanavdeep Kapoor, 3Dr Dinesh Malhotra
85 Normal Tension Glaucoma: A Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Kanavdeep Kapoor, 2Dr Shivam Manu Gupta
86 Takayasu Arteritis Presenting As Pres: Posterior Reversible Enchephalopathy Syndrome

Author: 1Dr Kousar Begum, 2Dr Bindu C B, 3Dr Muthuraj N, 4Dr. Ashwath K S
87 Hysterosalpingography in diagnosing abnormal uterine anomalies in patients of infertility

Author: 1Samia Mohan, 2Akshat Sudhanshu, 3Priyanka Sharma, 4Narinder Mohan
88 Effect of Universal Intervention on Mental Health and Heart Rate Variability in COVID Center Workers

Author: 1Noorin Bhimani,2Deepa R. Shriyan, 3Sameer Lakhani
89 Pregnancy Related Acute Kidney Injury-A case report

Author: 1Dr. Jacquiline Jose, 2Dr. Vinitha Wills, 3Dr. Laila Mathews
90 Haematological Profile of Malaria Patients

Author: 1Dr. Methe M. B., 2Dr. Shivkumar Inamdar
91 Epidemiological study of snake bite cases in paediatric department of teaching hospital of Bahraich

Author: 1Dr. Faraz Rahat, 2Dr. R.K. Chaturvedi, 3Dr. Parvez Ahmad, 4Dr Samreen Kazmi,
92 Thyrotoxicosis with Struma Ovarii and Peritoneal Strumosis - A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr Linda James, 2Dr Suja Mary Mani, 3Dr Vinitha Wills
93 Clinico- Dermoscopic Evaluation of Nail Disorders

Author: 1Dr. Burramukku Baby Susmitha,2Dr. Mohana Rao TS, 3Dr. Lakshmi Kamcharla
94 Clinico-Radiological Study of Bone Involvement in Hansen’s disease

Author: 1Dr. Shibe Ganesh S, 2Dr. Mohana Rao TS, 3Dr. Hanuma Naik K
95 To know efficacy of methylene blue as local analgesics in perianal surgeries

Author: 1Dr.Jayeshkumar B. Bagada, 2Dr. Gazal B. Patel, 3Dr. Jignesh B. Rathod
96 Problem Based Learning Verses Tutorials in the Knowledge of Contraception and Family Planning Methods by Undergraduate Medical Students – Comparative Study

Author: 1Nair Lakshmi, 2Thomas Sheela, 3Mammen Kitty, 4Sheelamoni
97 Effects of Oxidative Stress in Urinary Tract Infection

Author: Dr. Shivaji Mane, Shilpa Sanjay Ninawe
98 Histomorphological and immunohistochemical study of benign tumors and tumor like conditions of breast

Author: 1Amrisha Jaiswal,2Nishi Tandon, 3Reeta Chaudhary,3Moniza Ilyas,2Nirupma Lal, 4Salim Tahir
99 Antibiotic Resistance Patterns and Bacterial Profiles in Clinical Isolates

Author: 1Amitav Mohanty, 2Shreeja Jajodia

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