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Volume - 3 - 2020 Issue 6


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1 Comparative study between Dexmedetomidine Vs Clonidine as a hypotensive agent during endoscopic ENT surgeries

Author: 1Akhilesh Yona,2Rajni Thakur,3Nijab Evane,4Urmila Keshari
2 Phenotypic analysis of female reproductive tract disease of cattles

Author: 1Dr. Pushpa Sharma,2Dr. B.N.Shringi, 3Rishi Kumar Sharma, 4Dr. L.K.Kapil
3 Influence of symphysiofundal height, abdominal girth and body mass index on hypotension and vasopressor requirement in cesarean section under spinal anesthesia: a prospective clinical study

Author: 1Gajendra Akash, 2Vatsalya Tripti,3Jain Shikha, 4Mehrotra Shikha
4 Comparative Study of Intrathecal Preservative Free Midazolam Versus Clonidine As An Adjuvant To Hyperbaric 0.5% Bupivacaine For Infraumbilical Surgeries

Author: 1Dr. Manisha S. Kapdi,2Dr. Parikh Tapan P.,3Riddhi Sabhadiya,4Ajay Limbachiya
5 Clinical Profile of Patients with COVID 19 Disease Follow up After Three months of Recovery

Author: 1Dr Mohammed Soheb Sadath Ansari
6 Epidemiology and antibiogram of Coagulase Negative Staphylococci (CoNS) Isolated from various Clinical Samples in Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in South India

Author: 1S. Nagaraju, 2B. Harikrishna
7 A study on EUS guided coil plus N butyl cyanoacrylate therapy (without lipiodol) in the treatment of fundal varices

Author: 1Dr. Satheesh Rao A K
8 Evaluation of Pro-Inflammatory Markers Adiponectin and Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha (TNF-?) and Their Correlation with Metabolic Syndrome and Its Components.

Author: 1Neeta Chourasiya, 2Amit K Bundiwal,3Onjal Taywade,4B.K. Agrawal
9 Study of Assessment of Thyroid Profile in Metabolic Syndrome Patients

Author: 1Dr Mittal Panchal, 2Dr Krishna kant Shiromani, 3Dr Ketan K Mangukiya
10 Regression of Mastalgia with Ormeloxifene in comparison with Danazol- A randomized control trial

Author: 1Dr Muthuraj K, 2Dr.Vasanth Madhan, 3Dr.Bhanumathi Giridharan, 4Dr.Vidhya Shree. S
11 Reconstruction of Mandible Using Non-Vascular Fibula Graft: Review of Literature.

Author: 1Dr. Venkatesh Balaji Hange, 2Dr. Shishir Mohan Devki,3Dr. Amit Kumar
12 Influence of dental students’ school education, their parents’ educational qualification and occupation in the type of college and course enrolled in Tamil Nadu - A cross-sectional survey

Author: 1Anand Sherwood I,2Mahendran Kavitha, 3Manu Unnikrishnan
13 Patterns of Lipid Abnormalities in Patients of Hypothyroidism

Author: 1Dr Anurag Jain, 2Dr Supriya Jain, 3Dr Dileep Dandotiya, 4Dr KK Kawre, 5Dr RS Meena,
14 Assessment of Vitamin D Level in Diabetic Individuals and its Association with Glycemic Status as compared by HbA1C levels.

Author: 1Gupta Manan, 2Gupta Smita, 3Das Deepak Kumar, 4Grover Ankit
15 Myocarditis and Cardiogenic Shock Associated with Plasmodium Vivax Malaria: A Rare Case Report

Author: 1Dr. Gaurav Y. Lakhani, 2Dr. Pooja S. Zanzari, 3Dr. Priyanka R. Patel, 4Dr. Anuj V. Mansata
16 Study of Clinico-epidemiological features and changing trends of fixed-drug eruption (FDE) in north India

Author: 1Dr Mohd Rafiq Tilwani, 2Dr Mohd Rafiq Lone, 3Dr Shaikh Manzoor
17 A Cross-sectional Study to Evaluate the Knowledge, Awareness and Attitude of Dental Professionals about Infection Control in Prosthodontics during Covid-19.

Author: 1Dr. Apoorva Gupta, 2Dr. Prashant S. Patil, 3Dr. Surabhi Somkuwar,4Dr. Divya Mehta,5Dr. Nishit H. Sachde,6Dr. Anuj V. Mansata
18 Asymptomatic Presentation of Pituitary macroadenoma in a patient with previous history of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Author: 1Ayisha Afzal,2Sreelaksmi Sivakumar, 3Ahmad Imran, 4Hassan Rehmani
19 Predictors of mortality and 30 day disability in patient admitted with acute incident stroke

Author: 1Urvashi J, 2Meshram A , 3Tiple N, 4Kalantri SP
20 Dose Dependent Prophylactic Effect of Henna (Lawsonia inermis Linn) Leaf on Acetaminophen Induced Hepatotoxicity in Adult Albino Rats

Author: 1Dr Misbah Ishtiaq,2Muhammad Ishtiaq Rana, 3Dr Saima Abdul Waheed ,4 Dr Iqra Javed, 5Dr Abdul Hanan Jawad,6Dr Haseeb Ahmed Awan.

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