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Volume - 5 - 2022 Issue 4


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1 Spontaneous Pneumothorax post Chickenpox eruptions: A Case Report

Author: 1Sushant Satya Priya, 2Amit Kumar Das
2 Post Caesarean Section: Surgical Site Infection

Author: 1Dr. Bharti Sharma, 2Dr. Descentra Banik, 3Dr. Renu Manchanda
3 Postoperative Surgical Site Infections in Oral Surgery Wards: Our Experience

Author: 1Dr Ramita Sood, 2Dr Ishani Thakkar, 3Dr Roma Narsingyani
4 Zirconia Crown in Pediatric Dentistry - A Comprehensive Review of Literature

Author: 1Dr. Niruket Yadav, 2Dr. Prem Shankar Chauhan, 3Dr. Khushboo Malhotra, 4Dr. Gitika Singh, 5Dr. Shivangi Chaudhary, 6Dr. Lubna
5 Study to ascertain the incidence of sarcopenia among end stage liver disease patients awaiting liver transplant in south Indian population

Author: 1Safeena Beevi S S, 2Biju Pottakkat, 2Sankar Narayanan, 3Pazhanivel Mohan, 3Balasubramaniyan V
6 Characteristics of retinoblastoma in patients of Jammu

Author: 1Dr. Avantika Kailu, 2Dr. Kanavdeep Kapoor, 3Dr. Anisha Kapoor, Dr. Dinesh Malhotra
7 A prospective Analytic study of Correlation Between the severity of Head Injury and Electrolytes in Patients with Traumatic Brain injury presenting to emergency Department of Tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Avinash Sharma, 2Dr. Dhawanth Rathod, 3Dr. Pratik Kucha
8 46, XY Gonadal dysgenesis; clinical characteristics and genetic aspects

Author: 1Dr. Kumari Pritti, 2Dr. Vineet Mishra, 3Hetvi Patel, 4Kushani Patel, 5Dr. Kinnari Vala, 6Dr. Lovelesh Nigam
9 Clinical Evaluation of Oral Benign Lesions in population of Jammu and Kashmir

Author: 1Dr. Akriti Mahajan, 2Dr. Ritesh Mahajan
10 COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among health care workers in a tertiary care hospital in Imphal, Manipur - A cross sectional study

Author: 1Dr. Avantika Gupta, 2Dr. Avantika Gupta, 3Dr. Soubam Christina,4Brogen Singh Akoijam
11 A study to compare the effectiveness of Case Based MCQ led Tutorials (CBML) Vs Traditional Tutorials (TT) among second year undergraduate medical students

Author: 1Elango Karthik, 2Patel Prakruti, 3Gandhi Anuradha, 4Desai Chetna
12 Efficacy of cone beam computed tomography as a modality to accurately identify the presence of second mesio buccal canal in maxillary first and second molar: An in-vitro study

Author: 1Dr. Vinayam, 2Dr. Rashmi, 3Dr. Neha Kumari, 4Dr. Kritika Roy, 5Dr. Pragya Singh
13 Study to assess malalignment of neck shaft angle in intramedullary fixation of intertrochanteric femur fracture

Author: 1Dr Rahul Shukla, 2Dr Raja Yadav, 3Dr Akhil Bansal, 4Dr Praveen Khatri
14 Combination of Probiotic and Zinc in preterms significantly reduce mortality when used as therapeutic adjunct in Neonatal sepsis – An Open Label Randomized Controlled Trial

Author: 1Dr Atul Chandrakant Londhe, 2Dr Amol Kalyanrao Joshi, 3Dr Laxmikant Sheshrao Deshmukh
15 Analysis of risk factors for perinatal transmission of hepatitis b virus in sero positive pregnant women

Author: 1Dr. Shimla Meena, 2Dr. Aditi Bansal, 3Dr. Pushpa Nagar, 4Dr. Sapna Chaudhary, 5Dr. Jyoti
16 Correlating cranial base morphology in adults having skeletal class III malocclusion

Author: 1Dr. Hemangi Raiththa, 2Dr. Falguni Mehta, 3Dr. Renuka Patel, 4Dr. Megha Goswami
17 Idiopathic polyhydramnios-its magnitude and association with maternal outcomes

Author: 1Dr. Sapna Choudhary, 2Dr. Nivesh Lal, 3Dr. Pushpa Nagar, 4Dr. Aditi Bansal
18 Comparative evaluation of single application of 2% whole turmeric gel versus combination of 1.5% metronidazole and 0.5% chlorhexidine gel in chronic periodontitis patients - A Clinical trial

Author: 1Rafiya Nazir Khan, 2Mohammad Imran Bhatt, 3Suhail Majid Jan, 4Roobal Behal
19 Tubercular meningitis in HIV and non-HIV patients a comparative study from tertiary centre of central India - A prospective study

Author: 1Dr. Mamsi Dhakre, 2Dr. Dharmendra Tiwari, 3Dr. Arvind Gupta
20 Perception and Attitude of Undergraduate Medical students regarding online teaching learning method

Author: 1Chaudhari Jaymin, 2Solanki Manish, 3Shah Megha, 4Desai Chetna
21 A Clinical Research in Establishment of relationship with use of early administration of enoxaparin in cortical venous sinus thrombosis with haemorrhage reduced morbidity and mortality

Author: 1Dr. Himanshu. V. Patel
22 Comparative study between use of silver colloid and conventional dressing for diabetic foot ulcer

Author: 1Dr. Varsha Kalyanpur, 2Dr. Ranjith Kumar Shetty
23 Clinical presentation in patients with chronic kindney disease in emergency department in tertiary care hospital

Author: 1Dr. Dhawanth B. Rathod, 2Dr. Chirag D. Patel
24 Association of Platelet Indices with neonatal sepsis - A Prospective observational study

Author: 1Dr. Girish Hiremath, 2Dr. Jyoti Bannulmath, 3Dr. Priya Patil, 4Dr. Akash Gadgade
25 Compliance and outcome of enhanced recovery after surgery(eras) protocol in esophageal cancer patients undergoing esophagectomy

Author: 1Dr. Pradeep Kumar. S, 2Dr. Kalayarasan. R, 3Dr. Senthil. G, 4Dr. Biju Pottakkat, 5Dr. Prasanth P, 6Dr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra
26 Obstructed inguinal hernia with gist of ileum as content rare presentation - A case report

Author: 1Dr. Pradeep Kumar, 2Dr. Adarsh S Pillai
27 Cement blastoma – A Case Report

Author: 1Tejveer Singh, 2Deepak Narang
28 Correlation of blood sugar levels at the time of admission with the severity of infection and outcome in covid 19 patients admitted to tertiary hospital

Author: 1Dr. Raghavendra BM, 2Dr. Imran khan, 3Dr. Suresh K
29 Efficacy of dexmedetomidine as premedication in pediatric patients undergoing tonsillectomy

Author: 1Richa Pande, 2Sonam Srivas, 3Akhilesh Yona, 4Urmila Keshari
30 In vivo study to investigate gender differences for the efficacy of different types of orthodontic separators

Author: 1Dr. Vishal Kathiriya, 2Dr. Renuka Patel, 3Dr. Falguni Mehta, 4Dr. Shekhar Asarsa
31 Management of endodontically challenged upper molars

Author: 1Janus Raji, 2Sunil Malhan, 3Arvind Arora, 4Gursandeep Kaur, 5Himanshu Sood, 6Chahat Bansal
32 Surgical management of periapical lesions

Author: 1Danish Prabhakar, 2Sunil Malhan, 3Arvind Arora, 4Gursandeep Kaur, 5Himanshu Sood, 6Ravneet Kaushal
33 Fracture tooth fragment reattachment - case report

Author: 1Jasleen Virk, 2Sunil Malhan, 3Arvind Arora, 4Gursandeep Sandhu, 5Himanshu Sood, 6Chahat Bansal

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